Elevate Your Player Loyalty


Oasis 360 introduces its brand connectivity solutions that are designed to extend your reach and drive marketing and loyalty programs that resonate with your players. Provide rich and satisfying customer experiences that extend your brand beyond your brick and mortar, and reach your customers on the go, at home or wherever they spend money. Aristocrat offers innovative technology that creates customer engagement, rewards for non-gaming spend, and facilitates opportunities to understand your customer like you’ve never known them before.


Track customer activity at every possible touch point.


Leverage actionable events to drive patron behavior.


Incentivize performance to achieve new awards and recognition.


Blazing Fast & Crystal Clear


The nCompass Media Window and LCD displays are blazing fast and crystal-clear with bright colors and high-quality audio. Designed with fast processing speeds, marketing media, player account and bonus games perform seamlessly, enhancing your players’ interaction. 


The nCompass Media Window features precise touchscreen technology, and is designed using the latest web-based technology, giving users a superior browser-based interface. The taskbar has an app-based look and feel that is instantly recognizable to the tech-savvy. The interface is dynamic and event-driven with interactive apps that provide resort information, marketing messaging, as well as, customer service engagement. The nCompass Media Window enables richer multimedia content, allowing video streaming, while improved content delivery manager support results in a more enjoyable player experience.

Stay Connected


Keep your customer engaged whether they are at home, on the go, or on your property. Oasis 360 offers innovative products that capture your customers’ attention with:


  • PlayerMax, a casino mobile app that is customizable to your enterprise and customer loyalty programs


  • Online games and player portals (nLive/Portal)

With the Oasis mobile product suite, you have the ability to market to your customers with customized push notifications, drive marketing messages based on mapping and geofencing parameters, incentive for participating in specific events or fulfilling actions that drive customer loyalty and spend. Additionally, you create opportunity for your customers to spend money with your local partners, all while reducing your point liabilities. 

  • Increase customer service with self-service functionality


  • Reduce lines with quick alternative to the Players Club desk


  • Ability to reprint player cards


  • Update player information


  • Redeem offers


  • Request win/loss statements


  • View account information, point balances, progress to next tier levels


  • View and redeem promotions


  • Activate and print sweepstakes or virtual drawings


  • Play customer engaging promotional games


  • Access SportPIX


Loyalty Kiosk

Reward Your Customers


Managing your loyalty program is easy with Oasis Loyalty. The Oasis Loyalty ecosystem creates a truly engaging experience for the casino patron. Player loyalty rewards, comps, promos, and spend are captured and shared amongst all customer touch points instantly. Gone are the days where information is isolated by one device. Player experience and spending behavior can be captured and realized on all devices ranging from resort and point of sale, to mobile and off property. Oasis Loyalty offers player convenience with a state-of- the-art kiosk and mobile app.

Oasis Loyalty Mobile

  • On-the-go player rewards center functionality


  • Access player data, create and manage player accounts


  • Issue or print new cards on the spot


  • Manage and adjust offers on-the-go


  • Link/unlink player accounts


  • View player details, trip history and win analysis


  • Quick and easy player enrollment and age verification


  • Assign preprinted cards to new enrollment


  • Connect your brand throughout the enterprise


Be Seen Everywhere


Be seen and heard at every possible customer touch point. With the Oasis ONE LINK solution, you have a fully customizable, integrated media and marketing solution throughout your enterprise. Whether at the EGM, tables, on your property marquee or resort wayfinders, ONE LINK is the Oasis solution for highly visible, eye catching media.


Fully integrated with (or decoupled from) your CMS, ONE LINK delivers promotions, account information and customer service features, like resort info through the Oasis nCompass Media Window. As the industry leader in media management, ONE LINK provides a complete suite of content and scheduling tools to manage your digital communication network with ease.