The History


Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of solutions for the gaming industry. Throughout the years, the Aristocrat team has combined technological advances and customer input to produce the wide variety of products currently offered.


Casino Data Systems (CDS) was acquired by ATI on June 30, 2001 and introduced its first offline slot accounting system. It offered major new accounting capabilities to casino operators, providing them with rapid access to important business information.


In 1990, CDS introduced the Sentinel unit, an electronic monitoring device that allowed casino personnel to track a number of significant events as they occurred within each gaming machine in the casino. CDS also introduced OASIS (Online Accounting and Slot Information System), an online version of the accounting software. The new system provided up-to-the-second information within the casino, and was rapidly adopted by casino marketing personnel.



Oasis 360 is a sophisticated, fast, accurate and reliable information management system. It gathers information from casino floor slot machines, and relays it to a network of computers for processing and analysis. Casino personnel use this information to generate reports, process jackpots, reward customers, identify problems, and detect breaches in security. The system also has the capability to handle pit operations, player credit, markers and check cashing.


Oasis 360 is flexible, built with an open architecture that allows for easy integration of best-of-breed modules from Aristocrat and from third-party vendors, meaning you have the ultimate choice in creating the rewards you want for your players. No wonder it’s the most widely installed casino management system in North America.


Oasis 360—your solution, your way.

The System


Oasis 360 is the most widely used CMS in America. Developed and constantly updated by our thought leaders, it is the industry’s most complete solution, including slot accounting, patron management, floor operations, table operations, advanced bonusing, business intelligence and online gaming applications.


Oasis 360 achieves this success by combining enhanced customer management and business intelligence features, such as


  • Online real-time tracking of events as they occur

  • A graphical user interface (GUI) that provides a visual representation of the casino floor

  • Faster performance, with immediate access to information for improved customer service


These features, plus open third party integration, give casino operators the power of choice. Oasis 360 is incredibly flexible, versatile and customizable to keep up with—and even predict—changing needs.


Comprehensive Real - Time Information


Oasis 360 hardware is advanced, electronic monitoring equipment designed to interface seamlessly with hundreds of different gaming devices. Communications capabilities allow Oasis 360 to monitor an exhaustive list of game, player and security events as they occur, including exact jackpot amounts, coin and currency transactions, door openings and all standard tilt code messages. This delivers accounting stats and player information to casino personnel, as events unfold on the gaming floor.

"Aristocrat has been a valued partner of Ameristar for years, and our decision to upgrade our slot floor from Sentinel II to nCompass was made with ease due to our strong partnership. Aristocrat has been a vital collaborator in our strategy to upgrade the technology on our casino floor, and we are confident in our technological future."


Toni Pepper | COO, Ameristar