SpeedSolutions Drives Anticipation


Fun. Interactive. Innovative. Three words to describe the Oasis SpeedSolutions Bonusing Suite.  SpeedSolutions rewards your players; creates anticipation and excitement with a vast range of events that keep your customer coming back for more. Whether it’s a floorwide mystery, or a spontaneous EGM promotion, our bonusing promotions are cutting edge and a favorite with casino players.


Our award winning SpeedSolutions provides:


  • Player recognition through targeted messages for special events, such as player birthdays and anniversaries


  • Visibility of current and future promotional events and campaigns


  • Bonusing through promotional tools that can encourage players to engage with the machine for longer periods of time


  • Ability to broadcast messaging with our Announcement features


Tournament Bonusing


Ready. Set. Go! Create promotional events that are fun and encourage players to keep playing with the anticipation of winning a promotional award. Our Tournament Bonusing programs drive player enthusiasm when trigger thresholds are met and timers are activated at the slots. Tournament games can be configured for individual players or by groups playing on eligible machines. Create a celebration on the floor with the Oasis Splashdown Countdown and Play 'n Win promotional events. Each promotion offers flexibility and the use of interactive game content from an extensive SpeedGame library.  

Mystery Bonusing


It can happen at any moment…There’s something intriguing about participating in a Mystery Bonus. The Oasis SpeedSolutions Bonusing Suite features a collection of Mystery Bonus programs designed to create enthusiasm and exclusivity with your loyalty players. 


With Carded Mystery, your carded players have the opportunity to play for life changing jackpots that are designed just for them. You can design programs for smaller groups, or leverage a larger player community spanning the entire casino floor or enterprise. Your players will experience:


  • Increase in bonus game variety


  • Frequent celebratory or consolation prizes


  • Highly visible and targeted marketing messages


  • Payouts directly from EGM


With Ricochet Rewards, your players are randomly selected and have the chance to play for random prize amounts. Each award is randomly based on pre-determined minimum and maximum amounts. Just like its name, this promotion ricochets around the floor until the game thresholds have been met, creating a fun experience for players.

Personal Bonusing


With SpeedSolutions Personal Bonusing programs, players experience unique bonus events based on their individual play. Using the award winning nRich promotional engine, bonus events are dynamically triggered based on the analysis of an individual player’s play history. Personal progress meters are displayed, and help promote progression goals. Whether it’s player tier advancement or opportunity to participate in the next bonus event, players have an interactive gauge that fosters a unique competitive personal experience. 


Announcement Bonusing


If you tell them, they will play! Create excitement on your casino floor by letting players know jackpots are happening around them. Our Announcement Bonusing solution offers two great programs- Jackpot Announcement and Totalizer Announcement.


With Jackpot Announcement, custom jackpot messages are displayed on the nCompass Media Window when a player hits a jackpot greater than a predetermined amount. Jackpot Announcement can be targeted to a specific set of players, both carded and non-carded, and/or to machines.


Totalizer Announcement displays a running total of awards given over a defined period for Tournament and Mystery Bonusing. Totalizer Announcements can be tailored to eligible players, EGM's, or during a specific timeframe.

Play X Get Y Bonusing


Encourage player behavior by rewarding your players with the SpeedSolutions Play X Get Y Bonusing. Play X Get Y is designed to drive player loyalty and slot play either with individuals or groups. Awards are flexible and can be distributed with bonus points, comps, cash or promos.  

Episodic Bonusing


Create competition on your casino floor with SpeedSolution Episodic Bonusing add-on leaderboards. With any SpeedSolution Bonusing program, create excitement and drive player behavior by posting, in real time, leaderboard information for any bonus event happening on the casino floor. 


Episodic Bonusing offers several fun interactive features including:


  • Player ability to check game status both on and off the casino floor


  • Player engagement through multiple channels, including mobile, PC, tables and the EGM


  • Flexible architecture which allows each property to set its own triggers; give you the ability to create higher value awards for your loyalty players


  • Custom game board development is available to create unique property experience

Elimination Bonusing


Rock. Paper. Scissors…Rock Wins! Elimination Bonusing is an exciting promotion where players fight their way through multiple levels in an attempt to be the last man standing and win first prize. Within the SpeedSolutions Games Library, you’ll have access to great games, like “Rock, Paper Scissors”, where you can create competition style games.  Players compete against the system in a series of rounds until a final winner emerges. This product is highly configurable including:


  • Number of rounds

  • Prize awards at each round

  • Grand prize

  • Total promotional budget

SpeedGames Library  


Got a promotion and need a game? No problem we’ve got what you need. Within the SpeedSolutions Bonusing Suite, we offer a vast library of SpeedGames that are designed to be flexible and accommodate any one of our SpeedSolution promotional engines. These fun interactive games are designed to allow for quick player interaction increasing the player’s entertainment experience.


SpeedGames allows you to update and extend the current life of a promotion. They increase excitement through rich multimedia graphics that bring prizes to life! These enticing animations help keep players engaged to the promotion.


"Technically complex and incredibly easy to use, nRich allows us to utilize in-depth and personalized knowledge to drive player behavior. we use nRich to estabish goals or milestones a player can aspire to, and nRich entices customers to go above and beyond their usual play."


John Dinius - General Manager, Sycuan Casino