Advanced Slot Accounting


Oasis 360 offers a sophisticated online accounting solution, which is the foundation for slot operations. Our solution manages machine activity, voucher processing, jackpots, fills and overall gaming revenue intake with proven flexibility and reliability. Our comprehensive solution provides real-time revenue information for individual machines, machine groups, and the entire casino floor. In addition, you’ll have access to real-time metered revenue data that is available on demand, to include estimated net win and coin-in information. 


The Oasis 360 tracks all casino floor transactions and drop information, including PersonalBanker™ transactions, vouchers, bill and coin drops. Our jackpot/fill feature provides a flexible and automated method for monitoring and processing jackpots, fills and preventative maintenance fills.

Visibility. Measurement. Accountability.


Being able to manage and monitor revenue is something we take seriously. Our Accounting suite empowers you to quickly gather statistics and financial information across the entire floor, including fills, drops, transactions, and voucher data. 


Our solution is customized to your property needs. You’ll benefit from robust real-time reporting analysis that delivers accurate business intelligence for detailed audits, tax documentation creation and processing. You’ll have access to enhanced tools for evaluating casino floor performance, monitor player activity, and analyzing promotional events.

“With Oasis 360, we have gained access to valuable data that would otherwise have been impossible to obtain. We can easily create reports and dashboards without first creating a stockpile of information and separate queries. Oasis empowers us to thoroughly analyze our direct marketing, player reinvestment, promotions, game performance, and slot floor trends far beyond our previous capabilities...”


Bill Marsh | Director of Marketing, Shooting Star Casino


Bill Marsh - Director of Marketing, Shoot Star Casino